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Arborist Reports

What is an Arborist Report

Arboricultural Reports cover many different aspects of tree management. Tree Risk Assessments, Tree Valuations, and Management Plans are a sample of the reports that can be prepared. Our AQF level 5 Arborists will take the time to find out what your job requires and tailor the scope to meet this requirement. Our strong understanding of Council Requirements ensures that we deliver top-quality reports and prevent the disappointments we see all too often when reports of a lesser standard are presented to the Council.


No matter what level of tree report you require, from individual tree assessment to large-scale development work, we will deliver accurate, honest and concise reports that meet the needs of the project.

When should you get an Arborist Report

For development assessments we recommend engaging with an Arborist early in any project that has trees present within the site or directly adjacent to the site.  Getting advice early will help to avoid costly redesigns to work around trees. 


If you own or manage a site with trees, engaging an Arborist will help to inform the level of assessment required to address duty of care. 

How to choose an Arborist

When choosing an Arborist, experience and knowledge suitable for the assessment are essential.

This should include:

  • Minimum AQF level 5 Diploma in Arboriculture
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Member of state and local Arboricultural Associations
  • Sound understanding of tree anatomy and biological function 
  • Proven track record in assessing and managing trees  
  • Detailed understanding of the development processes and local laws
  • Skillsets within the team to deliver assessments in a timely and professional manner
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