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Arboricultural Expert Witness

Expert Witness Reporting

Arbor Australis Consulting provides comprehensive assessment and reporting to address tree-related legal matters. Clients must have complete faith in the expert representing them. Arbor Australis Consulting will review all tree related matters and provide an opinion before accepting the assessment for client consideration. This provides our clients with confidence in what will be presented in court.  


With a BSc (Hons) in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry and over 37 years of industry experience, our Principal Consulting Arborist can provide our clients with well-rounded and educated Arboricultural Assessment

Planning and Environment Court

Arbor Australis has experience and specialises in advising and representing both developers and the Council in P&E court. Our strength is developing robust Arboricultural Impact Assessments, drawing on 37 years of industry experience. 


We see collaboration among the team’s experts as vital in producing evidence-based documentation that is presented clearly and concisely. This approach has provided repeat referrals from the advising solicitors and barristers we have worked with. 

Tree Failure Cases

Tree failures that result in damage or injury can result in legal action. In these cases, the experience and knowledge of the Arboricultural Consultant is critical.


An educated understanding of tree anatomy is required to assess tree failures and provide an opinion on whether there were indicators of failure prior to the event. 


These assessment are also supported by a sound understanding of Risk Assessments and how they are applied.


Assessments of this nature are complex and require a methodical forensic approach. Arbor Australis Consulting has a proven track record of providing advice in these matters. 

Tree Fialure
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