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Project Arborist - AQF LEVEL 5

AQF Level 5 Project Arborist

During the construction stage of development projects, the Project Arborist oversees works and key areas of construction in relation to tree protection and documentation. The Project Arborist works with construction crews to resolve conflicts between access issues and tree protection.

The Project Arborist’s primary role is to work with the construction crews, client and development authority to resolve any issue that arises, as well as limit adverse impacts on retained trees. With more than 1800 projects completed in the past 10 years, the team at Arbor Australis Consulting has the depth of knowledge to deliver Project Arborist compliance at the level required for all project scales.

What to expect from your Project Arborist

The Project Arborist is typically engaged as a result of a Development Condition. Their role is to advise on tree protection measures to ensure trees are retained with as minimal impact as possible. The tree protection measures set out in the Arboricultural Impact Assessment will guide the assessments required by the Projects Arborist.  Where an Arboricultural Impact Assessment has not preceded the project, the Project Arborist will use AS 4970-2009 Protection of trees on development sites as the benchmark.

Project Arborist Deliverables

The requirements for each project will vary based on scale and approval conditions; however, the following deliverables are required on most sites subject to a development approval:

  • Mark out of tree protection fencing and trees for removal in accordance with the approved plans.
  • Certification of tree protection fencing
  • Attend Prestart Meeting 
  • Post-clearing inspection and certification
  • Ongoing monitoring or tree protection during construction 
  • Inspection at specific hold points as outlined in the Arboricultural Impact Assessment
  • Certification at completion of the project
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