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School Arboricultural Management Plans

Cost Affective Tree Management for Duty of Care Compliance

To manage a tree asset, you must first understand what that asset is. Utilising GPS and GIS mapping, we are able to develop a Management Plan to meet the school’s needs. The data capture will focus on areas that have larger trees and higher occupancy rates as a priority. The plan will document all arboricultural assets in the agreed assessment area  providing a risk assessment.

Why Implement a Strategy

The management package allows the school to understand the risks that their trees pose and program budgets to manage risks and remedial works. This removes the ad-hoc delivery of service resulting in increased cost efficiencies. 


The plan provides a single point of truth for the tree assets that can be used to document the total assets. The system allows  schools to easily review historical data on trees. 


The system is designed to meet the needs of the school managers through smart, cost-effective and auditable functions.

Strategy Inclusions

  • Fix-priced assessment for a 3-year period that includes online support and assessment of trees that are reused as a concern.
  • Assessment of all trees within the assessment area as defined in the scope of works.
  • Assessment of Risk utilising the VALID risk assessment methodology
  • Identification of work required to address risk
  • Identification of remedial works to manage no risk-based issues
  • Summary report of assessment
  • Time-stamped records of inspections for historical reference
  • Access to the database to allow school managers to see in real-time, outstanding work, sign off completed work and ability to add work if required
  • Risk Management Policy that can be adopted by the organisation to demonstrate due process.
School Ground Tree Plan
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