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Tree Survey and Data Collection

Tree Survey Objectives

Investing in GIS and GPS equipment allows us to produce high-quality products and services, optimising the outcome of the projects. GIS mapping collects bulk tree data to be overlaid on an aerial image and provides a spatial map. High accuracy, post-processed GPS mapping allows data collected in the field to be overlaid on a CAD drawing, improving the productivity and accuracy of tree protection plans. We can provide both GPS and GIS presentations in a web-based mapping format.

Tree Survey Process

The scope of data collection and the required deliverable formats will be confirmed during the site assessment; Trees will be located in a spatial format with high-accuracy GPS equipment. The data collected is then transferred to the plan or maps to meet the specific needs of the project. 

Tree Survey and data collection is the initial task required in all Arboricultural Assessments, whether it is one tree or one hundred thousand trees; the data collected in a robust format underpins all our Arboricultural Reports.

Tree Survey Deliverables

  • Tree Data in table format
  • Tree Location Plan in either CAD or GIS formats
  • Web-based map is required
Tree Survey
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