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Health and Safety Policy

Our Commitment

The Management Team acknowledges and is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, including working conditions, practices and procedures for all employees, visitors and contractors that enter and use our facilities.

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Policy

  • The OH&S Management System (OMS) model is based on the requirements of the AS/NZS 4801 and the ISO 45001 standards.
  • The Management Team acknowledges and is committed to the provision of a work environment that is the safest that can be reasonably achieved such that the Health and Safety of all personnel on our site (employees or otherwise) is maintained in order to support a productive and profitable business.
  • The Management Team will set and monitor appropriate objectives and targets through the Management Review process to ensure continued improvement of the system that will in turn aim to eliminate incidences of work-related injury and illness. This will also include a periodic review to ensure the policy and systems remain relevant and appropriate.
  • The Management Team will ensure that the system will monitor and measure all activities for conformity to required laws, regulations & standards.
  • All policies, processes and procedures relating to Environmental Management activities will be documented, implemented and maintained. Relevant training will be provided to all personnel.
  • Where required, OH&S documents will be made available to interested parties.
  • The Management Team will ensure that all of our Managers and Supervisors are aware of and accept their responsibilities and make a commitment to provide a safe work environment.
  • The Management Team will involve all employees in OH&S issues through consultation and communication on ways they can contribute to identifying, assessing and controlling workplace hazards. We will conduct regular inspections of the workplace, aimed at identifying and controlling hazards to prevent incidents occurring.
  • The Management Team will ensure all employees, contractors and visitors are aware of and accept their responsibility to provide a safe work environment by providing ongoing instruction, training and supervision to improve understanding of workplace OH&S issues.
  • The Management Team will ensure appropriate workplace rehabilitation is made available to all injured or ill employees to facilitate their safe and early return to work.


Jeremy Young – Director
August, 2024

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